Aether & Hemera

Claudio Benghi and Gloria Ronchi also known as Aether & Hemera are two interactive artists. They are Italian artists who consist of an in depth portfolio of work having performed and researched into a number of projects around Europe.

They are always researching for new ideas that they can develop to create a new installation. The aim of Aether & Hemera's artistic vision is to bring back the childhood memories and to explore the feelings of human experiences.

Aether & Hemera is a relationship of research into light and they way it can change everyone's feelings in a different way with a diverse response. This can therefore change the setting of a mood.

The installations and objects that Aether & Hemera create are made to focus on the physical and mental senses of an irrelevant force such as light and how the design of this can influence a way of living in a variety of surroundings, from inner areas to built-up cities.